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Handy Hint – Recycling fallen twigs / Astuce – Recyclage des rameaux tombés

Version en français en bas de la page … Handy Hint – Recycling fallen twigs After the recent storms the wind has brought down lots of small branches and twigs from our trees. As garden bonfires are banned now in Morbihan : see here for the Arrêté Préfectoral why not recycle the debris into useful […]

Autumn / automne Compost / Compost Handy Hints / Astuces Making compost / Comment faire du compost Planting / Plantation

Handy Hint – Compost for cuttings / Astuce – Terreau pour boutures

Version en français en bas de la page … If you use a water-filter jug instead of buying bottled water, do you worry about throwing away the used filters? This handy hint shows you how to recycle their contents. The filter material, which is a mixture of sand and charcoal, when mixed with any commercial […]

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Solabiol Glue bands / Solabiol Bande de glu

Version en français en bas de la page … Tried and Tested Tree Glue Bands from Solabiol In autumn it is useful to fix a glue band of some description around the trunks of fruit trees. This is because as winter approaches harmful insects tend to migrate both up the trunk towards the branches to […]

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Cleaning a 5litre sprayer filter/Nettoyage d’un filtre de pulvérisateur 5litres

Were you aware that there is a filter in the handle of most pump-action sprayers? Here are two short videos to show you how to clean and replace the filter. Video 1 : Removing the filter Video 2 : Cleaning the filter Before you replace the lance, spray some WD40 into the nozzle to lubricate […]

Autumn / automne Handy Hints / Astuces Plant diseases / Maladies de plantes Planting / Plantation

Handy hint / Astuce – Mildew/Mildiou

Version en français en bas de la page … Old tomato, pea and courgette plants With all the recent rain, certain plants, especially tomatoes, will be rotting and mildewed (mildew is a fungal disease present in the air) if they’re still in the veg patch. When you dig them up, don’t put them in the […]

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Handy hint for fruit trees / Astuce pour des arbres fruitiers

With autumn approaching and the leaves starting to fall, it’s a good idea to spray your fruit trees with Bordeaux mixture. This will protect the openings of the leaf-stems, where they fall from the branch, from disease. This is the brand I’m going to try this autumn… Alors que l’automne approche et que les feuilles […]