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Climbing beans / Les haricots grimpants

Here is a video on how to increase the number of flowers and so get more beans on your climbing bean plants.
You’ll find it on our new La Rabine Jardin YouTube Channel.
This is the link to the video which should open in a new window.

Voici une vidéo sur la façon d’augmenter le nombre de fleurs et ainsi obtenir plus de haricots sur vos plants de haricots grimpants.
La vidéo est sur notre Chaîne YouTube pour La Rabine Jardin et vous la trouverez ici.

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Planting trees and shrubs / Planter des arbres et des arbustes

Voir la version en français en bas de la page … With our changing climatic conditions planting trees and shrubs is going to become even more important for the environment, so if you have the space in your garden, find some suitable trees for your area and soil conditions. To encourage and support wildlife it’s […]

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Mulching / Paillage

Version en français en bas de la page … As we are having drier summers it is becoming more and more useful to mulch borders and beds. Mulch was traditionally used to reduce the need for weeding but now with increased summer temperatures, conserving moisture and reducing watering is a prime concern for many gardeners. […]