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Wind protection for the garden/Protection contre le vent pour le jardin

Wind protection for the garden
Help protect yourself from the wind by choosing the right species of trees and hedging plants. The best ones withstand the wind and can help to protect your garden.
Protection contre le vent pour le jardin
Aidez-vous à vous protéger du vent en choisissant les bonnes espèces d’arbres et de plantes des haies. Les meilleurs résistent au vent et peuvent aider à protéger votre jardin.

Compost / Compost Leafmould / Le terreau de feuilles mortes Making compost / Comment faire du compost

Making compost / Comment faire du compost de jardin

Importance of compost In an organic garden making compost is an essential means of maintaining soil fertility and avoiding waste. It is different to leafmould but just as important. Most garden waste e.g. weeds, light prunings, grass and lawn mowings etc can be composted. There are, however, some exceptions and I do not recommend that […]

Autumn / automne Bulbs / Bulbes Planting / Plantation Woodlands / Les Bois

Woodland bulb planting / Des bulbes à planter dans un bois

Thanks to Bryan for prompting this post. The sight of spring bulbs and flowers in a woodland is a real boost to the senses. Before you buy the bulbs, take some time to think about the situation in your woodland. The trees shade the area during the summer and absorb a lot of water whilst […]

About the garden / Le jardin

About the garden at LaRabine

Thanks for looking at my new blog. I’d like to tell you a bit about the garden. It is about 2000 square metres in total. When we started the garden, we wanted to aim for small, cosy spaces, each with a different aspect, all separate and not visible one to another. It was also important […]

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