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Bouture de buddleia en vert / Buddleia softwood cuttings

Bouture du buddleia en vert
Au printemps, les buddleias (arbres aux papillons) ont une croissance rapide, il est donc temps de faire des boutures de bois tendre – les boutures en vert – de vos couleurs préférées.
Buddleia softwood cuttings
In Spring buddleias (butterfly bushes) put on rapid growth so now is the time to take softwood cuttings of your favourite colours.

Insect Houses / Gîtes d'insectes Insects / Les insectes

Insect House / Gîte à insectes

Now is the time to think about either buying or making a refuge for beneficial insects over the winter. Beneficial insects such as solitary bees and wasps are essential in the garden for pollination, helping to reduce the impact of the demise of the honey bee. The pictures show the various stages of a refuge […]

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