Autumn / automne Compost / Compost Geraniums / Géraniums

Overwintering geraniums / Comment faire hiverner les géraniums

Version en français en bas de la page … It is possible to successfully keep geraniums over the winter. The somewhat contradictory aims are to keep the plants dry, but not too dry and to put them into hibernation whilst keeping them alive. First, lift them carefully from the pot or planter and remove as […]

Autumn / automne Leafmould / Le terreau de feuilles mortes

Leafmould / Le terreau de feuilles mortes

Autumn is here and with it fall the leaves. Leaves are often regarded as a nuisance but leaves are an essential element in an organic garden. Most leaves can be turned into leafmould without being shredded first, the exceptions being holly – because of their spines – and thick leaves like plane tree leaves, which […]

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