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Bees, Wildflowers and Veg-patches

Why bees and wildflowers are useful in a vegetable patch
Hopefully, everyone is now aware that we need to look after our bees and pollinating insects if we:
– believe that biodiversity is vital for our planet,
– want to keep a high level of variety of foods in our diets,
– want to support farmers who grow crops that are mostly reliant or even dependant on pollinators.

About the garden / Le jardin Spring / Printemps

Leave your lawn to grow!

What are the benefits of leaving a lawn to grow?
Recently, our sister site Anglais Prononciation F2F , wrote an article entitled “An ecological garden. Perfect lawns or wildflower meadows…”
Here at La Rabine Jardin we create wildflower meadows by leaving our lawns to grow from May onwards till the autumn.

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