Autumn / automne Compost / Compost Mulching / Paillage Planting / Plantation Planting trees / Planter des arbres

Planting trees and shrubs / Planter des arbres et des arbustes

Voir la version en français en bas de la page … With our changing climatic conditions planting trees and shrubs is going to become even more important for the environment, so if you have the space in your garden, find some suitable trees for your area and soil conditions. To encourage and support wildlife it’s […]

Handy Hints / Astuces

Cleaning a 5litre sprayer filter/Nettoyage d’un filtre de pulvĂ©risateur 5litres

Were you aware that there is a filter in the handle of most pump-action sprayers? Here are two short videos to show you how to clean and replace the filter. Video 1 : Removing the filter Video 2 : Cleaning the filter Before you replace the lance, spray some WD40 into the nozzle to lubricate […]

Autumn / automne Autumn leaves / Les feuilles mortes d'automne Fruit trees Plant diseases / Maladies de plantes

Fungal diseases of fruit trees / Maladies fongiques des arbres fruitiers

Version en français en bas de la page … The wet autumn has encouraged the proliferation of leaf disease on fruit trees. Some of the most prevalent are peach leaf curl, brown rot and scab. They are all caused by air-born fungus spores. Nowadays, there are no ‘chemical’ fungicides available to the domestic gardener, so […]

Autumn / automne Compost / Compost Geraniums / GĂ©raniums

Overwintering geraniums / Comment faire hiverner les géraniums

Version en français en bas de la page … It is possible to successfully keep geraniums over the winter. The somewhat contradictory aims are to keep the plants dry, but not too dry and to put them into hibernation whilst keeping them alive. First, lift them carefully from the pot or planter and remove as […]

Autumn leaves / Les feuilles mortes d'automne Making compost / Comment faire du compost Mulching / Paillage Planting / Plantation

Mulching / Paillage

Version en français en bas de la page … As we are having drier summers it is becoming more and more useful to mulch borders and beds. Mulch was traditionally used to reduce the need for weeding but now with increased summer temperatures, conserving moisture and reducing watering is a prime concern for many gardeners. […]

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